Flint and Snowball

Flint and Snowball begin a duel using katanas

The katana is a Japanese sword that has been used several times in the Bunnykill universe by several characters, including Snowball, Flint and Dust.


The katanas in the Bunnykill universe have been proven to be extremely strong, used to parry and deflect other melee weapons and even deflect bullets. These swords are also seen to be extremely sharp as seen in Bunny Kill 2 where Snowball used a katana to slice off a chunk of Dust's desk before engaging in combat.


Several variants of the katana appear in the Bunny Kill series, from the simple steel sword that Snowball uses in the first Bunny Kill to the various other types of katanas used in the series.

Tech KatanaEdit

These weapons appeared in the entirety of Bunny Kill 5 in the hands of the several ninjas who tried to stop Snowball and Dust with their cloaking and teleportation abilities. Snowball uses a tech katana to impale and kill one of the ninjas before the blade malfunctions and he tosses the weapon away.

These Tech Katanas are simillar to the Lightsabers, seeing that the blade is a beam of light that is projected from the grip but has the iconic shape of a katana's curved blade instead of the straight beams that the lightsabers have.



  • In the entirety of Bunny Kill 3, the katanas are replaced with Lightsabers to fit with the theme of the episode.
  • Dust's Gunblade seems to have the foundation of a katana but is significantly longer.
  • The katana is very prevalent in Bunny Kill 4 due to the Japanese setting and the fact that there are many Samurai and Ninja goons in the episode.
  • Though the katana is often associated with the ninja, they are actually used by the samurai in real life. Real ninjas use straight blades called ninjato which are shorter and easier to wield.