Flint and Snowball

Flint(left) and Snowball(right)

"..."- Bunny Kill 4 credits quote.

Flint is a beige bunny who serves as the main antagonist in Bunny Kill 4. He is portrayed as a silent but well-trained and deadly fighter, almost killing Snowball and actually killing Ruby in Bunny Kill 4.


Flint is a beige bunny who always wears round sunglasses and a white robe with a black belt tied around his waist. He doesn't speak (like the rest of the characters) and is possibly mute, seeing that he doesn't have a quote in the end credits of Bunny Kill 4 Part 2 although every other character has one, saying "..." instead.

He appears in Bunny Kill 4 as an antagonist, fighting Snowball and Ruby at the end of the episode while making use of his ability to summon clones and weapons to repeatedly parry the heroes' attacks. He is eventually defeated by an enraged Snowball after Ruby's death and dies from multiple injuries.

Flint also appears in Bunny Kill 5, making a cameo at the beginning when he gives Snowball a briefing and the coordinates on where Dust is being held captive and appears again at the end to reveal that it was a trap. He is killed off-screen by Dust who then warns the unnamed villian mastermind that 'you're next'.


Flint is a master of magic, summoning weapons out of thin air and even using clones of himself to beat Snowball and Ruby to the ground in Bunny Kill 4. He also has the ability to make weapons disappear, giving him an advantage over Snowball and Ruby during the fight.

Flint is also an expert swordsman and fighter, using several swords and shuriken to fight the two heroes and combines that with his ability to teleport to become extremely dangerous to Snowball and Ruby, making them attack each other by flashing out of their attacks.