"Eye for an eye"
- Bunny Kill 5
Dust is a brown bunny with a mohawk. He is seen as the main antagonist in Bunny Kill 2 and Bunny Kill 3 Part 2. In Bunny Kill 5 Part 1, Snowball's mission was to save Dust. He is murdered quite often throughout the series, usually by Snowball in a climactic battle. He has only used swords and lightblades; however, in Bunny Kill 5, Dust uses a powerful sword that is made with a built-in shotgun. He is the main protagonist of Bunny Kill 5 Part 2, where he successfully killed Smoke, avenging Snowball's death in the process.
Bunnykill5Part 2

Dust in Bunny Kill 5


  • Dust is the first bunny to have an audible voice, as show at the end of Bunny 5 Part 1, and at the beginning of Part 2, screaming in pain in the former, and rage in the latter.