The basic synopsis of BK2 is that there had been a feud between crime lords Dust and Smoke. Snowball, our protagonist, must choose a side. Snowball "takes the change to pay back old debts to his old employer's rival, Dust," in other words, Snowball decides to attack Dust.



BK2 begins as Snowball hops from building to building until finally he stops. Where he stands, there is a room that leads to the roof. Two bunnies emerge from the room, which Snowball kill instantly. More bunnies emerge from the room and some more from over the side of the roof. After they all lay dead, Snowball enters the building through the small room. Once he's inside, there are more guard bunnies awaiting him. He kills all the bunnies in the room. The killcount is now at 30. Snowball enters an elevator to the side of the room. Inside he is confronted by 10 more murderous bunnies. The killcount advances to 40. The elevator door opens and he appears to be in an office building. After killing about 4 bunnies, Snowball comes to another door, guarded by agent bunnies. They are difficult enemies but are no match for Snowball. The killcount advances to 46. Snowball enters the door. Inside is an empty office. On the wall there is a picture of a bunny with a red mohawk hairstyle. Snowball moves behind a desk where he finds a sword. He picks it up and plays with it, chipping some wood off of the desk. Then, countless agent bunnies enter the room. After they are defeated. The bunny in the picture (dust) enters the room. The killcount: 64. They duel for about a minute with swords, until Snowball gets the better of him. Killcount: 65. Snowball exits the office victorious.


Snowball- Protagonist

Dust- Antagonist

Smoke- Mentioned

Agent Bunnies

Minion Bunnies