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Bunny Kill begins in a thick forest. Snowball emerges from the trees and equips himself with a samurai sword. Another bunny, grey fur, approaches snowball and the action begins. After killing several bunnies, snowball encounters Smoke, a bunny that appears to be wearing black and red armor. Snowball threatens him, but smoke just laughs. The screen shakes as a giant grey bunny emerges. Snowball attacks at his foot. This is painless to the giant, as he punches Snowball away. Snowball then attack the giant's hands. While the giant bunny is distracted, snowball is able to cut a hole in the giant's head and enter through the hole. The giant's head shakes and snowball bursts out the other side! The giant bunny falls dead. Once again, Snowball approaches Smoke, who breaks Snowball's weapon in his hand. They fight with each other for a minute, until Snowball lays on the ground, hurt. But as Smoke approaches, Snowball grabs the still sharp hilt of his sword, and shoves it into smokes chest. After spewing blood, Smoke falls and dies. Snowball emerges victorious!


Snowball- Appears as the protagonist.

Smoke- Appears as Antagonist



Giant Bunny (Nameless)