Super bunny

Demon Snowball is a transformation mode of snowball similar to that of some animes such as Naruto, Dragonball Z and Fairy Tail, Snowball has only shown this mode in Bunnykill 4 thus far when he is fighting Flint after he kills Ruby.


Claws: The basic form of attack for Snowball in this form.

Enhanced Agility: Snowball is able to disappear and move at a much higher speed, which catches Flint off guard a couple of times.

Enhanced Endurance: When Snowball is in this form he will never get tired in battle.

Fireballs: Snowball is able to cast fireballs against Flint.

Lightening Dash: A powerful attack that involves speed. After Flint was critically injured, Snowball uses this move to finish him off. When Snowball is about to use this move he glows white and then charges through Flint, which results in Flint coughing up blood and then falling to the ground before dying.